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KJ237 mine personnel tracking system


The system can read the card information in a non-contact way, which combines the personnel management, equipment management, disaster relief, reports, records management with other functions, and ensures the operation of pre-disaster notification and post-disaster rescue. It supports full-duplex communication, and is anti-jamming and anti-multipath, completely solves the problems of long distance under the ground, ultra-low power, and high-speed of data transmission.
◆ The realization of underground personnel tracking, combination of GIS geographic information and CAD drawings to display the location of personnel in a three-dimensional manner;
◆ To achieve statistic analysis, query, and printing of the historical data of a variety of workers and regions underground;
◆  Underground personnel can ask for help with the card, and evacuation is conducted with the card when danger appears.
◆ Check of attendance, labor settlement, and other automatic and electronic management;
◆ The function of "chain explosion by three persons" to improve the safety of persons in case of explosion;
◆ Search and rescue of persons in case of emergency
◆ Authority judgment for persons in important areas such as explosives rooms, mechanical and electrical chamber, and substations, alarm for illegal entry;
◆  Mobile APP to enable wireless inquiry and alarm, persons in charge can know the situation of underground personnel;
◆ The use of a portable methane alarm detector with the function of an identification card to achieve dynamical patrol of environmental parameters;
◆ It can upload to the company or security bureau for remote monitoring of underground personnel;
◆ It can upload to the cloud platforms to acheive mine safety management and evaluation;
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