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The guardian of safety in production
“Six systems” of non-mine safe self-rescue


The “six systems” of non-mine safe self-rescue combines monitoring system, personnel positioning system, communications and liaison system, air pressure self-rescue system, water system for rescue, and emergency system, which is a new type safe production monitoring system for coal mines. It is used to monitor the concentration of toxic gases, wind speed, air pressure, temperature, smoke, the state of fan, the ground pressure and the state of other environmental monitoring and control devices; by non-contact collection and processing of information about the moving targets under the tunnel, it will realize automatic identification of location of personnel. It effectively integrates the location of personnel and safety monitoring. The flexible networking system can provide a variety of specific solutions. Based on the “integration of multiple networks” of the "IP technology" and resorting to the more stable RS485 transmission protocol, each subsystem is integrated to the core network to realize the unified management of automation and greatly ensure the safe production of coal mines.
◆  with wind speed, air pressure, temperature, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide, oxygen, pressure, etc.;
◆  functions of analog acquisition, display, and alarm;
◆  turn on or off the fan, acquisition of data about turning on and off the smoke detector, display and alarm;
◆  the universal sub-station can capture RS485 signals and enable switch signal with passive contact;
◆  functions of storage and query according to places and names;
◆  personnel entry / exit with card, monitoring of key areas, personnel management, human-computer dialogue, self-diagnosis of system;
◆  switching of backup between functional and system hosts, backup power and regular backup of data to ensure the normal operation of the entire system;
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