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KT160 mining-used wireless communication system


The mining-used wireless communication system (WiFi) can achieve interconnection of cell phone signals under the mine or on the ground, save resources, and is easy for management and applicable to all types of large, medium and small mines.
The system is an integrated communications system for monitoring and management of the coal mine and ground personnel via the cell phone.
It conducts data exchange between ground server and underground equipment through the optical fiber and network switches with industrial Ethernet of unified standard.
It provides a common network platform for monitoring and management of personnel location, digital video surveillance, unified collection and processing of the data from various down-hole sensors and achieves the combination of the networks for voice, video and data.The system supports fiber networking and its networking with industrial Ethernet.

◆   Mobile communications
✔  Wi-Fi voice communication
✔ Unified network management
✔ Off-grid communication
✔ Emergency rescue
✔ Wireless Intercom
✔ Emergency call
✔ Call recording

  Voice dispatch
✔ Voice dispatch
✔ Relay tandem

◆  Personnel management
✔ Attendance management
✔ Security management
✔ Alarm
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