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The guardian of safety in production
KT179 mining-used broadcast communication system


The mining-used broadcast communication system is a communication and support device which can be widely applied to the complicated down-hole environments for mines. Enterprises can play background music, news and media coverage to improve the cultural life of workers. At the same time, the knowledge about the safe production underground, emergency evacuation drills and other aspects are informed to improve awareness of safety and self-rescue. When the danger occurs, the ground staff will inform the workers via the microphone and the high-power explosion-proof speaker in key areas, and guide the field personnel to quickly, orderly, and safely leave the danger zone, so as to ensure maximum safety of underground personnel.
 Audio files broadcast
Simultaneous broadcast of files in multiple ways, broadcast monitoring function, audio broadcast on demand.

◆  Microphone broadcast
Partitioned microphone broadcast, priority function of microphone broadcast, one-click emergency broadcast.

◆  Broadcast Management
Remote control, auto-diagnostics of network, remote configuration upgrading, intelligent management.

◆  Intelligent Broadcast
Organic integration with safety monitoring system: sharing of relevant data of safety monitoring system, when there is overrun of gas or malfunction of fan, it will automatically send alerts to remind personnel of taking necessary measures.
Combined with contingency plans to conduct automatic or manual emergency rescue.
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