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Slope and retaining wall control monitoring system


The slope and retaining wall control monitoring system is a comprehensive system composed of advanced monitoring equipment, device, data transmission and other technologies. It monitors the geology, topography, groundwater, rainfall and whether the slope is sliding so as to provide early warning and control evidence for handling slope related disasters. The purpose of the system is to find out the safety of the structure of the slope, monitor the bearing capacity of supporting structure, operation status and durability, and meet the requirements of safe operation.
◆  The system has the functions of data acquisition, real-time monitoring, remote monitoring, and timely alarm in various climates and weathers around the clock;

◆  It conducts basic data management, display and release the real-time monitoring, and is anti-lightning, anti-interference, has the functions of power protection, self-diagnosis and fault display;

◆  The monitoring platform of the system is professional and integrated, and has the interface for the monitoring platform for supporting and displaying the safety monitoring management department; the terminal display of the control room can display all the monitored objects and switch among the objects;

◆  The slope monitoring system covers the entire slope for panoramic patrols, and has good night vision; the historical data archives can be stored for no less than 30 days, the alarm data and automatic screen shot can be reserved for at least five years, equipped with the function of intelligent alarm analysis.
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