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Bridge health online monitoring system


Bridge health online monitoring system mainly monitors the safety performance indicators of bridge structure. By monitoring the bridge health, the structural response and mechanical characteristics under normal traffic loads and environment are reflected. By analyzing the structural health of bridges and assessing the reliability of the structure, it is to provide a scientific basis for the management and maintenance of the bridge. The real-time automatic monitoring of the disturbed degree of cross-beams, cracks, gradient of key piers and other parameters under various environmental and operating conditions is conducted. The data collection, storage and query of data on request are carried out for each item to be monitored. The early warning of various levels for the stress (or deformation) of key component (or parts of) is enabled, and the monitoring data are analyzed for automatic diagnosis of the structural abnormality.
Bridge monitoring means the structural monitoring of key bridges, structural monitoring of dynamic behavior, meteorological monitoring, and (or) video monitoring.
 Structural monitoring:
deflection of main beam, tilt pier, bearing displacements, the structural cracks, stress and strain monitoring, etc.

 Meteorological monitoring:
precipitation and atmospheric conditions, temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, wind and the like of the place where the bridge is located.

 Vibration monitoring:
to monitor the vibration of the bridges from three directions, characteristics of natural vibration, and cable tension monitoring.

◆  Video monitoring:
monitoring of vehicles on the bridge road.
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