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The guardian of safety in production
Monitoring and control system of safe operation of road and tunnel


The real-time monitoring and control system of safe operation of road and tunnel is used to predict the geology of the surround rock before the tunnel is dug, strengthen the tunnel monitoring and quality control, find out the geological conditions of the surrounding rock, the location of unfavorable geological body, engineering traits and other information. The deterioration in the strength of surrounding rock is restrained, and the carrying capacity of the surrounding rock given full play to.
Based on the field monitoring and measurement, geological prediction, and early quality detection, it is to guide the design and construction of tunnel, prevent potential geological disaster, ensure reasonable construction measures, strengthen quality control, speed up the progress, reduce project risk, and enable the construction technology to be more scientific and reasonable.

Surface subsidence monitoring
◆  surrounding displacement monitoring
◆  surrounding rock and primary contact pressure monitoring
◆  steel brace force monitoring
◆  primary spout concrete stress monitoring
◆  secondary lining stress monitoring
◆  groundwater level monitoring
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