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Storm waterlogging monitoring system


The storm waterlogging monitoring system monitors the low-lying areas under the highway in real time to ensure that there is no waterlogging in urban roads. Storm waterlogging monitoring system relies on the principle of an ultrasonic probe. When the water level has been 10-15 cm above the surface for 2 minutes, the system will automatically alarm. The responsible units will rush to the scene to deal with it immediately to effectively avoid stagnant water which will lead to the flameout of vehicles.
 Rain and sewage flow and level monitoring system
In accordance with users’ demand, flow meters and water level gauges are installed for pipe gate, flood pumping station port, flood discharge outlet of the main channel, merging point of main drainage channel to monitor the flow and level of rain water and sewage.

 Rain sewage video surveillance system
Video surveillance is installed for waterlogging sections and flood discharge outlet of the main channels; Video surveillance is installed for urban bridge and channels under the bridge; Video surveillance is installed for the interior of pump stations, peripherals, and high and low voltage power distribution room and rainwater and sewage of pump stations, and sewage inlets and outlets.

◆  Rain sewage network transmission system
The front end of the video camera and the data of flow and liquid level monitoring sensor are exchanged via fiber-optic leased line, GPRS / 3G / 4G and other wired and wireless high-speed networks.

 Rain water monitoring center
✔  The design of monitoring platform shall meet the following functions according to the requirement for the real-time data of the rains and sewage; that is, conduct online monitoring of the flow of rain water, the water level, pumping stations, bridges, surface, beneath the water and security information for key locations and network system;
✔  The field data is processed and promptly transmitted to the monitoring center, and displayed on the new large-screen of the monitoring center;
✔  According to the design, conduct storage, statistic analysis and printing the collected monitoring data;
✔  Alarm for the abnormality of the monitoring data; provide detailed online monitoring data for the monitoring center system, provide a variety of statistical data for the long-term planning and management of the drainage system, constantly improve the scientific, modernized and standardized management of the drainage system.
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