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(Cloud) Data center of urban underground pipe network


The (cloud) data center of the urban underground pipe network, by implementing the basic geographic information data acquisition of downtown, real image data acquisition, underground pipe network data acquisition and ground 3D modeling, establishes integrated urban management information platform, and is integrated with the digitalized urban management system and video surveillance system. By corresponding to the vector coordinates and two-dimensional map, ground three-dimensional model and the real three-dimensional images, the effective and comprehensive supervision and management of the ground and underground two- and three- dimensional data are achieved, and the ground and underground, visual and accurate digital panoramic three-dimensional integrated urban management system formed, which provide a scientific basis for the decision making in the planning and implementation of the urban pipe network, security monitoring and emergency response for the pipe network.
◆  IT construction promotes business development, breaks down barriers to exchanges of business related data, and decouples networks and services;
◆  With IT resource pooling, the expansion of business is achieved in a convenient manner and with low costs.
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