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Emergency command system of pipe network


The emergency command system of intelligent pipe network is a network-based system and data center, which is combined with the geographic information system, and monitoring and control system. The concept of closed-loop management and manufacturing products for both peacetime and wartime use is followed, and the integration solutions of “command, dispatch, interact, and control” is achieved.
◆  To make overall plan for functional departments at all levels and institutions to be able to effectively manage the emergency with emergency equipment and materials, institutions and experts in the industry, surrounding facilities and other resources, so that the command center and relevant leaders know details for effective deployment of resources, and the emergency resources and contingency plans will be integrated.
◆  Integrate the means of workflow into the main part of the emergency command, to achieve orderly and intensive control of incidents, follow the principle of closed-loop management to conduct lifecycle management of specific case and to accumulate experience for the future work.
◆  Based on geographic information, to achieve various types of data queries and browsing of second- and three-dimensional scenes, located display and portfolio analysis, realize the real-time monitoring of scenes and relevant persons, and provide data analysis and information support for the practical work.
◆  Integrate network monitoring, video surveillance, information retrieval, information exchange and application of new technologies in other areas, improve efficiency and effectiveness to serve the modern, digitalized, intelligent urban construction, form the emergency command and dispatch platform which combines emergency response, dynamic monitoring, dynamic allocation of emergency resources, issuing of emergency command, assessment of emergency aid, and emergency response.
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