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The guardian of safety in production
Online monitoring system of pipe network


The hazard gas warning system of the pipe network is an integrated application monitoring system which combines gas monitoring technology, GPRS / CDMA / 3G wireless network technology, SMS alarm technology, GIS geographic information technology, internet network technology, and automatic extraction technology. The system includes hazard gas monitoring system, gas terminal on-line monitoring system, online network water supply and sewerage monitoring, online heat pipe network monitoring system, and manhole cover monitoring and warning system.
◆  By installing the front-end sensor at the key locations related to safety in the urban pipe network, the system may conduct online real-time monitoring of parameters such as dangerous gas, temperature, and liquid level which might cause harm to the municipal security.
◆   Each monitoring unit uses GPRS / CDMA / 3G wireless network for remote transmission of the collected local data, connect the special mobile network with the internet, and realize the on-line and real-time monitoring and control of the monitoring units on the remote client.
◆  To achieve the monitoring of hazardous and flammable gases in dangerous locations such as the urban sewer and septic tanks, and protect the safety of urban underground pipe network, septic tanks, sewage treatment plants, landfills, chemical plants, and underground pipe network of companies.
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