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Flammable gas alarm system


MAS uses the idea of "big data, Internet of Things+" successfully develops a "flammable gas alarm system," composed of the front-end monitoring equipment, management cloud platform and APP; when the leakage of flammable gas is detected by the front-end monitoring equipment, the real-time data will be transmitted to the cloud platform via GPRS / 3G, and at the same time the alarm will be sent to the APP and the controller; the alarm will be sent to the police station and the solenoid valve and exhaust fan turned on and off;
The system has a remote access interface to interact and share data through the urban hazard source monitoring platform and mark the physical location of the gas on GIS map, and the real-time dynamic information is monitored for competent authorities at all levels for fire protection, safety supervision, public security, transportation and others;
For administration, the urban hazard source monitoring platform conducts daily supervision, prevention, response, ex-post evaluation and analysis for the leakage of gas, it will immediately handle the safety risk when it is detected for the sake of prevention and comprehensive management. At the same time, the departments for fire prevention and safety supervision work together to contribute to the safe and stable environment of the city.

◆  By monitoring the leakage of flammable gas in real-time, the system uses the idea of big data to build the safety modeling to prevent major accidents, reduce the general accidents, and reduce the rate of accidents;
◆  Use in situ, cloud platforms, and mobile APP, follow the idea of "management by others" to conduct decision making of the insecurity of objects, people's unsafe behavior, insecure elements of the environment, and timely detect and deal with security risks;
◆  The management cloud platform is based on real-time monitoring, device management, operation and maintenance services of GIS maps, real-time alarm; the real-time data notification to users, regulatory authorities, fire prevention departments will ensure the real-time information sharing about hazards and incidents, and the comprehensive management of the leakage of flammable gas monitored.
◆   Maintenance personnel can upload in real time the maintenance data to APP, use the phone to control valves and other equipment to quickly resolve urgent risks; the monitoring center automatically produces maintenance records to ensure the effectiveness of maintenance and accuracy of assessment.
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