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Ambient air quality monitoring system


The ambient air quality monitoring system is composed of the monitoring substations and guarantee system, the monitoring center (central computer room), and the communication system. It can monitor in real time SO2, NOx (NO, NO2), O3, CO, H2S, NH3 and other gases with high sensitivity, reliability, and few labor in maintenance. The system has a wide measuring range and is widely used for the monitoring of gasses from standard grade (A, B) type to high-precision trace gas and to air pollutant emissions of high concentrations, and the data is transferred to the sub-centers with multiple remote communication means. Real-time remote monitoring of air quality data enables remote control and real-time measurements to ensure timeliness and accuracy of data.
◆  The advanced and mature technology and equipment from China and abroad are used, hardware and software products with high market coverage, standardization and matured technology.
◆  Full consideration of resources, environmental and human factors for intelligent design, the operation of system is simplified, allowing users to easily achieve various functions.
◆  Fault-tolerance, easy management and maintenance, the system is stable and reliable with easy maintenance.
◆  The system design uses the existing international industry standards, open technology and open architecture, open systems and open user interface support remote image transmission and remote control, and facilitate future expansion and upgrade.
◆  Cloud computing technology and redundant database technology are used to ensure the integrity of data when network fails, the object-oriented database technology is adopted to guarantee the integrity of the data.
◆  It can collect monitoring data, status data and alarm data of the device, so that the maintenance management of equipment is grasped. The collected monitoring data carries timestamp and tags so as to provide reliable assurance for the authenticity and examination of data.
◆  The number of sub-stations can be increased and seamlessly connected to the central station, and that of monitoring parameters by sub-station increased, which can be automatically received by the central station, and the reports and statistic analysis of the system integrated.
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