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VOCs online monitoring system


The VOCs online monitoring system uses advanced PID photoionization detector PID which can detect a variety of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) with the concentration within the range from 1ppb (one billionth) to 10,000ppm (one percent). The system is suitable for online monitoring of gas, tail gas, and process gas in chemical, pharmaceutical, environmental protection, metallurgy enterprises, petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas, electricity, telecommunications, food, brewing, research, education, defense and other industries; it can also be used for environmental monitoring including volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in public places, and for fast real-time online measurement for modern petrochemical industry and labor and health related places.
◆  a wide range of measurement;
◆  automatic online calibration;
◆  instantaneous values, average minutes, and average hours of VOCs are displayed;
◆  environmental adaptability, suitable for high humidity, high dust and gas and other complex environments;
◆   interactive human-machine interface, displayed in Chinese, easy operation;
◆  data storage interval can be set;
◆  the instrument is equipped with a standard communication interface, and can be connected to data transmission equipment to form a remote data transmission system;
◆  built-in clock and power supply system of the clock in the system, power outages do not affect the operation of clock;
◆  the emissions flow monitoring can be expanded for sewage charges of VOCs.
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