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Regional environmental risks and environmental emergency information platform


The regional environmental risks and environmental emergency information platform focuses on the prevention from environmental emergency and response to environmental emergencies, and conducts the environmental monitoring, environmental hazard management, environmental risk source management, regional environmental assessment, risk prevention, investigation of environmental risks, enterprise information management, management of contingency plans, exercises of contingency plans, emergency preparedness, emergency response, emergency personnel and material scheduling, and post-recovery. The closed loop for environmental emergency management is achieved on the platform and the service platform of "a map and one-stop" built.
With the construction of environmental emergency information management platform, MEP, provincial and municipal environmental protection bureau, key enterprises, governments at all levels, emergency office and safety committee member units at all levels are interconnected for dynamic management, dynamic monitoring, and emergency command. Accurate and timely information and data on environmental protection and effective emergency management are provided to improve environmental emergency management.
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