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Remote water operation and management cloud platform


Remote water operation and management cloud platform uses online operating condition monitoring technology, online water quality monitoring technology, network transmission technology, geographic information system technology, data analysis technology and business co-processing technology to achieve the following objectives:
1. The establishment of water quality prediction model to ensure that the effluent quality standards of sewage treatment plant meet the standard;
2. The implementation of energy analysis, achieve energy saving through energy management and control platform;
3. To improve the automation of chemical feed room and pumping room to achieve unmanned operation or that with less people on duty;
4. Intelligent diagnosis of equipment to improve operational efficiency;
5. The use of the mode "a map, a network, and a center" to achieve visualization, dynamic and simple operation of management of multiple factories.

◆  improve the effluent compliance rate of sewage treatment plant;  
◆  reduce the number of maintenance equipment, reduce maintenance costs;
◆  increase the level of automation, reduce operational personnel;
◆  reduce the energy consumption of sewage treatment plant.
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