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The guardian of safety in production

Beijing Safety Technology Research Institute is "people-oriented and takes the road of innovation," and provides a good technical platform and development space for the public. With "elites and talents cultivation" and "R & D and technological achievements" the Institute is built into a new, modern, three-dimensional high-tech business incubator. Based on the requirements, the Scientific Research Department and Technical Support Department select researchers and engineers to form a research group. Based on the mode of "introduction, integration, absorption and re-innovation, and originality" the research is conducted which reaps technological fruits such as technical programs or prototypes. By way of transfer and authorization, the Institute will earn short-term benefits; but by way of technological entrepreneurship, the Institute will obtain long-term benefits.

 Scientific Research Department

The Scientific Research Department focused on "research on the most advance technology and development of the most advanced products" is built, specifically responsible for: technology and market research and analysis, project establishment, project supervision, research evaluation, setting of research results and so on. It is able to carry out the research on electronic, optical type sensors, standardized and general basic module of front-end circuitry of sensor (such as low noise amplifier, modular power, modular AD / DA, etc.).

Technical Support Department

The Technical Support Department focused on "provenance of technical support for the research team" is built, specifically responsible for: technical support for R & D group, laboratory management, instrumentation and technical training. It is able to carry out electronic, optical, software, machinery and technical support, as well as laboratory management, instrument training and so on.

Intellectual Property Department

The Intellectual Property Department focused on "transformation and output of technological achievements" is built, specifically responsible for: intellectual property protection and transformation, marketing planning and implementation of legal affairs. It is able to carry out patent application and protection, marketing, legal support and so on.

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