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The guardian of safety in production

Cooperation in research

Engineering Technology Research Center of Chongqing Mine Safety Monitoring Enterprise conducts extensive cooperation with Chongqing University, Logistical Engineering University, Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications, and Chongqing College of Electronic Engineering. It makes full use of the technologies and human resources from the institutions of higher learning as well as advanced and mature technology achievements. It also makes use of the complete production and research equipment and conditions of enterprises and scientific research ability of universities to transform scientific research achievements into productive forces. The advantages of universities and enterprises are respectively given full play to. With various forms of comprehensive cooperation, the innovative system which combines production, learning and research is built, and the long-term cooperation relations in research maintained to promote common development of expertise and industry and strive to realize the “cooperation between enterprises and institutes, and win-win results for production and learning.”

Research area

The Complete Equipment Engineering Technology Research Center of Chongqing Mine Safety Monitoring Enterprise focuses on the research on disaster prevention for coal mine gas, measurement technology, electronics and information technology and intelligent control technology. The main direction is coal mine safety monitoring equipment, complete technology for mine disaster prevention and control and its natural extending area, including coal mine integrated automation control system, coal mine gas drainage and complete equipment, and technologies to prevent from major disasters such as mine dust, gushing water, and fire. Not only the requirement of an increasing number of users of coal mine for safety equipment is met, but also the occurrence of coal mine accidents can be reduced and the technological progress of related industries promoted, which contribute greatly to the development of technology and entrepreneurial development.

The Engineering Research Center is the core of technological innovation system of the enterprise, the important base for nurturing technological talents, science and technology exchanges, basic research and industrial applications, and the important platform to conquer the generic technology and key technology, promote the transformation of achievements, mass production, enhance the influence of technological products on coal mining enterprises, and to promote the combination of research and production.

The Engineering Center will follow the principle of "open, flow, united, and competitive", be oriented on the integration of theoretic research, the law of occurrence, forecast and control technology, key technology research and development platform and experimental research facilities research based on the occurrence mechanism of disasters, respect talents and their creativity, promote the spirit of exploration, innovation, pragmatism and progression, support cross discipline, accommodate different academic perspectives, and train young scientists.

Advanced and reliable information detection, transmission and identification, early warning and emergency response technology are the future of the development of coal mine safety technology. The Engineering Research Center focuses on sensing information technology (including optical sensing measurement technology, flow sensing technology, etc.), mine explosion-proof power technology (including the explosion-proof centralized power supply with high reliability and large capacity and monitoring and control technology for the power supply system), information transmission technology [(including optical network transmission technology (high pollution, flammable, explosive) in harsh environments, wireless communication technology and mine disaster emergency communications technology (high pollution, flammable, explosive) in harsh environments], mine safety and production monitoring and control (including monitoring and control system, coal mine safety information network management systems, industrial TV monitoring system, research and development of sensors and sensitive elements, mine personnel management system, production process automatic control system, integrated information automation platform), hazard source identification and methane gas disaster warning and emergency response plans (including the law of gas disaster and emergency decision making and control technology, gas disaster rescue command platform, gas disaster detection and transmission technology and gas disaster related emergency rescue equipment and standardization of configuration) .

Goal of establishment

The Engineering Technology Research Center is oriented on technology and products. The basic research on complete coal mine safety, new product development and pilot conversion of achievements, and mass production system are gradually formed to achieve the following four functions:
①open to the public, sharing of experimental resources to provide strong technical support and experimental means for the state science and technology research, basic research, and other key projects;
② for pilot conversion, mass production and radiation of new technologies, new processes, new equipment, and new materials,;
③ provide a communication platform for disaster prevention and control technology development for domestic and international coal mines;
④ cultivate a number of experienced and well-known experts and team of technical staff with high academic standards in the research on gas prevention and emergency rescue.

Display of achievements

After the establishment of the Engineering Technology Center and based on the available technology, it actively innovates and continuously forges ahead. The area of research covers all aspects of mine safety and production monitoring, and the new products and technologies with completely independent intellectual property rights are developed. It has undertaken a project in the State Torch Program, three research projects in Chongqing, applied for 7 patents, won 5 authorized invention patents, registered 6 kinds of software, added 51 new standards for mine safety and 83 non-coal safety standards, developed more than 140 new products, obtained 1 technical appraisal by the Coal Supervisor Bureau and developed 6 new technologies.
Display of some achievements:
▷ thermal mass flow sensor (constant power heating thermal dispersion technology)
▷ laser methane sensor (diode laser absorption spectroscopy)
▷ 3-dimensional integrated automation system for mine
▷ coal-stratum tunnel major hazard management system
▷ key technology of coal mine gas drainage and usage automatic monitoring system

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