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KTK127(A) intrinsic safety speaker

KTK127(A) intrinsic safety speaker(the amplified phone) is the central composing part of the mine broadcast system, and provides communication channels for speech communication in the mines. It is applicable for dangerous environments with possibility of gas and coal dust explosion, and is also applicable for ground severe environments for industries such as coal, metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, transportation, power and food. The broadcast system can broadcast by connecting with the upper computer to receive the external amplified phone signal or be included in the coal mine program control dispatch exchange communication system via the interface device.

Rated working voltage: 18VDC;
Working current: ≤780mA
Ethernet signal output:
a) Number of interfaces: 1;
b) Transmission mode: full duplex, UDP protocol;
c) Transmission rate: 10/100Mbps self-adaptive;
d) Maximum transmission distance: 100m.
Optical fiber signal transmission:
a) Number of interfaces: 3;
b)Transmission rate: 100Mbps;
c) Maximum transmission distance: 20km.

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