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Dust and noise online monitoring system


Dust and noise online monitoring system combines environmental monitoring, video surveillance, data transmission, data analysis, and data notification, which conducts online continuous monitoring and video surveillance of parameters such as dust, noise, air pressure, wind speed, wind direction, air temperature and atmospheric humidity, and provide functions of monitoring data collection, analysis, query and notification to meet the requirements for online monitoring and control of dust and noise in the environment.
It achieves the automatic monitoring, video surveillance, data collection, data transmission, automatic alarm, and evidence retaining. The efficient networking and management of on-site monitoring equipment and online monitoring devices and the combination of environmental monitoring, environmental monitoring and early warning, and supervision and law enforcement enable real-time monitoring and control of pollutants, remote emergency command, and continuous on-line monitoring and remote management of scientific decision.

◆  The system can achieve continuous automatic monitoring in harsh construction environment for 24 hours and can be applied to the construction site monitoring and environmental monitoring of road;
◆  The use of safe and reliable hardware and software platform for continuous online operation;
◆  With function of automatic checksum and automatic fault analysis, the system alarms automatically in case of malfunction;
◆  The data acquisition station can reach the protection performance level of IP55, applicable to adverse conditions such as the construction site;
◆  All management capabilities can be achieved through the website or APP on the mobile phone;
◆  Powerful remote management of the system, which enables remote reboot, alarm, self-calibration of sensor, online upgrade;
◆  The state of the instrument can be inquired, the central station software can inquire the working conditions of each sub-monitoring station in real time, and keep the records of power off, calibration, and alarms for reference;
◆  Low operating costs of the system: without consumables and with easy maintenance.
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