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The guardian of safety in production
Mine safety solution


It is based on the collaborative management and control platform of intelligent mine (CGIS, MAS, CMIS) composed of geographical space, workflow, and configuration. It achieves collaborative design of all kinds of professional services, information management and intelligence analysis; upgrade coal industry in a digitalized and informatized way, and establish the comprehensive management of "monitoring, measurement, management, and control." Secondly, based on mining engineering, the system establishes the mine safety monitoring and control automation, information technology and digital control center, gives full play to the ground survey as the basis of mining technology, promotes the integrated control of mining and safety intelligent analysis, and improves the informatized equipment for mine and modern management level.
 “Disaster prevention + staff efficiency”
✔ Centralized management and control
✔ data sharing
✔ emergency response
✔ business integration
✔ mobile and interconnected

MAS intelligent mining adheres to the scientific management of mine construction, advances the informatization of coal industry, and is the important application to the in-depth integration. The construction effectively avoids the major problems of "isolation of information" and "duplicated construction". We stand in a higher position characterized by science and technology to enhance the mine planning and integrated automation and information technology, promote the intelligent mining, and realizing the standardization and engineering of intelligent mining.
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