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The guardian of safety in production
Underground pipe network monitoring solution


The target of the overall solution to the pipe network takes the safety control as the core with advanced informational means, which is to enhance the regulatory standards of urban underground pipe network. The idea of one center, two platforms, and multiple applications.
The program mainly covers the detection of underground pipe network, building of a comprehensive database of urban underground pipe network, real-time online monitoring of four types of pipelines in key areas including that of the water supply, drainage, gas, and heat, and emergency command and management of the integrated management platform. The details are as follows:
1. Construction of the application platform of integrated management of the urban underground pipe network for interconnection and sharing;
2. Construction of examination and approval, supervision and management platform for integrated management of the urban underground pipe network;
3. Construction of integrated monitoring, early warning and emergency command platform of urban underground pipe network;
4. The formation of the close-loop mode which can be replicated for the integrated management and control of the urban underground pipe network;
5. Construction of the three-dimensional geographic space applications and services framework to provide a geographic information service platform.

◆  The sound GIS and advanced sensor of the network are used to monitor the network, assist the management departments to quickly identify potential problems, node and place where the problems occur of the network.

◆  It includes the emergency command to handle the integrated management of GIS, control, early warning and accidents for the network which combines the collection and monitoring of information with the application service of data for the underground pipe network. It will achieve the intelligent and digitized management and service of the urban underground pipe network, solve the safety related problems.

◆   For planning, construction, urban construction archives management, network security monitoring and professional secondary units, based on 3S, CAD, three-dimensional simulation, OA, Internet of Things, cloud computing, sensors, etc., the services are provided such as municipal electronic approval for pipe network , field survey supervision, interior work supervision and warehousing, dynamic updating of data, intelligent control, and pipe network information system building, full life circle management and application of integrated pipe network.
  • (Cloud) Data center of urban underground pipe network
  • Information management platform of urban underground pipe network
  • Emergency command system of pipe network
  • Online monitoring system of pipe network
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